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Archives / June 2014

  • Okay I used to love target and not only did I like shopping there but the employees were always really cool…until I started working there.

    It was all REALLY good up until like my 2nd month working here, one of my coworkers became really into me and we hit off nicely, up until I learned she was dating one of the current LOD’s (who was a dick btw). So this certain LOD and his coworkers (ALL LODS may I add) began to one by one show their true colors towards me. Her boyfriend began attempting to write me up for things that she would also do such as not clean up or label correctly (keep in mind I was there for 2 months and hadn’t completely learned everything), and then report to my TL who would also question why he didn’t write BOTH of us up. Jealousy. So then 3 other LOD’s and an AP lod would continue to fuck with me and try to write me up for shit, I was asked to work 2 areas one of which I never worked before all at once because someone went home sick that day, and so the next day I was written up for messing up too many times in the area I never worked by one of the LOD’s. bull fucking shit.