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Archives / January 2014

  • January 25, 2014 - montaguezx

    The end is neigh

    Just saw the good news tonight. 450 workers laid off at corporate and 700 jobs left unfillled at the big tower on Nicollette Avenue. Of course I had already heard about the recent no lube ram job of the part timers regarding their health insurance and I was not surprised. Target is now as big a douche as Walmart when it comes to shifting business costs onto the taxpayer. One more tidbit. Target outsourced its IT to India several years ago. A logical cost cutting move that has apparently paid great dividends unless you were a customer using your credit card at one of it’s stores. Target..can’t disappear fast enough for me.

  • July 17, 2012 - montaguezx

    What the Fuck

    Went into work this morning to continue as a Target Back Room Monkey. During the night some slack jawed ass hat had installed some new wireless tech to enable “wireless” telephone communication in the store. Yeah, worked just great except none of the Fucking PDA’s would work. So here I stand with finger up ass, waiting to do the minimum wage job that i was hired to do. Being a network geek, I reason that the problem began with the new installation so the logical decision would be to turn the new tech off to see if it was the problem. NO WAY says the local management team. We have to speak to the district asshole. Well, the asshole is three states away doing God knows what and not answering her texts. Tech Support?, Well, they are in Fucking India and see “no problem” at our local store. (3000 Fucking miles away) A Fifteen year veteran of the store calms me by saying the people at corporate don’t give a damn and she has given up trying to make them care. FUCK TARGET….I am short time and will be gone by September if I just don’t walk out. THE CORPORATION IS RUN BY MORONS.

  • May 17, 2012 - montaguezx

    Just some thoughts.

    I retired some years ago from my career but became board.  I wanted to get a job for a couple of days per week and a few hours per shift, just to give me a reason to get out of bed before noon.  I decided on Target because I have shopped there since I was in my twenties and before they separated from the now defunct Dayton-Hudson Company.  I currently work in the backroom of a non super Target and to this date I can’t figure out how this corporation makes money.  I could complain about the non functioning equipment, inaccurate (make work) computer pulls and unbelievable short staffing, but I will confine my comments to two areas.  First of all the pay scale is ridiculous given the high productivity expectations and intrusive demands on my weekly time.  I told my TL that I would never consider working a full time schedule given the poor starting wage and raise schedule.  I also proffered that no one with a genuine work ethic would.  Today I (with less than one year on)  started training a new backroom team member.  I am not an “official” training person so no differential pay for me.  The kicker is that I am making 8 cents more per hour than the person I am training in.  Huh?  My store works me 7 1/2 shifts and that means that I am actually being productive for 6 1/2 hours.  If they brought me in for a 7 hours shift, Shazaam….6 1/2 hours of productivity.  How does that make sense?  Why am I still around? Well, I still like Target.  I like my TL, STL, LOD’s and etc.  The discount ain’t bad and it makes my wife very happy.  Also, if I help get new help trained in.  Maybe (I hope) they will stick around and I can get back to a smaller schedule.  Will it happen?  Don’t know and I can always leave.