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  • November 14, 2012 - mirage117

    Treated VERY Unfairly

    I worked for Target over a year ago ,but I am still completely disgusted by the was I was treated. I hired into a store as a Senior Team Lead over Softlines and I didn’t really have any issues while I was there. Unfortunately, that store closed 3 months after I hired in, so I had to either take a buy out package or transfer. I ended up transferring to another store closer to home, and that was the BIGGEST mistake of my life. Before my transfer went through, the management at the new store wouldn’t even tell me what depertment I would be overseeing- it was some BIG secret… My first day working at the new store, I knew that I was going to be miserable… All of the ETL’s acted like snotty high school kids. If you did’t “fit in”, they would talk about you behind your back and make your life miserable- I witnessed them talking badly about another member of management on my first day there.

    After I was there for about a week, they decided to put me in charge of Presentation. I had never done anything in presentation on a large sccale before, but they expected me to perform my job like a seasoned manager.  My ETL would constantly get on me about my team’s performance, but I had no idea what it was they were supposed to be doing!