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  • January 5, 2015 - MikeG

    Those coupons

    So my Target, which shall remain locationless and not in Charlotte, NC, is one of the worst for AP and theft. The AP people are good, the community is sh!t. My gripe is with the couponers that fraud the store out of thousands of dollars every day, and the managers do zero (0) about it. I’m a seasonal, started in mid-Nov. I was a victim of a BJ’s coupon (a COSTCO like membership store) where the person was buying large amounts of┬ámucinex and basically getting them free because the coupons were for $10 off and Target sells the┬ámucinex for 9.79. You can only use the coupons at the BJs store. I was ashamed of myself after I took a second look at the coupons later and realized I had been had. Manager did and said nothing about it other than maybe next time.