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  • October 24, 2012 - meglnel

    Rude, Inconsiderate, Awful People

    Before reading this I just want to let people know that this is my story with Target and I had to sum up a year in this short section. So this is not the extent of what I went through but I believe it is the worst of it.

    I got hired at the Salem, OR Target as a Fitting Room/Sales Floor Team Member after graduating high school and moving with my boyfriend to go to college. I had a normal college student’s schedule and could not work while I was in class (obviously), but was taking a light course load. I started off there working about 30 hours a week which was enough to pay for bills and rent. I think it’s safe to say that every month they screwed up my schedule in someway and continued to blame me for the mistakes they made. I had given them my set school schedule already.

    My boyfriend had worked at the Target near his high school before we moved and transferred to the one in Salem. He worked in Food Ave and I worked in the Fitting Room most of the time. I was constantly told that I wasn’t doing enough and that I should have the fitting rooms, men’s, and the phones handled as well as people that had been working there for years. There was one TL in particular who was constantly “having talks with me” about my performance. Everyday that I had to work my stress levels would be through the roof and I would run around trying to do a million things at once just to please everyone and by the end of the day I was absolutely exhausted and berated for my “poor” performance. At one point I was driving almost an hour one way to go to another school and it was pouring down rain. I had work right after school and felt unsafe driving over the speed limit in those conditions. I had called and told them my situation and that I may have to be a few minutes late. When I got there soaking wet and shaking from trying to drive as fast as I could to get there on time, my HR pulled me aside and had another “talk” with me. She was skeptical and said things like “How far is it from there? 45 minutes?” I was so upset that after racing to get there on time and putting myself in danger that she didn’t even believe me. I am normally quite composed but that day she brought me to tears right there on the sales floor.