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  • February 10, 2012 - meganxrachelle

    One of the most memorable nights …

    I have been working at my Target store since September 2011. I got hired right before the holiday season, but was not seasonal. I was cross-trained in softlines, hardlines, and cashiering. I was taught how to push CAFs, work the fitting room, work in electronics, and even put the phones on overhead! How enjoyable my days were at Target before the holidays started.

    When I was hired, I was warned by the ETL that there would be nights we would not get out until midnight .. especially with the upcoming holiday season. I agreed, yes, I can see how this is possible. I understand. I have worked in retail before, I know the demands. I know guests can be rude, I know I’ll be expected to run my butt off for little pay, I understand that there will be little appreciation. Regardless, I have found that Target is one of the only places I know of that will allow a full-time college student to work 40 hours a week. How lucky am I?