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  • February 26, 2013 - Malthulhu

    Guest Service.

    So let me start by explaining a typical day at our wonderful Guest Service desk. I come in at 3:30pm and from that time until 11:00pm I am completely alone without no one to help me or to talk to when I need someone to bitch too(unless I call for help which takes awhile because no one pays attention). Anyways. All day you get to handle the incredibly brilliant people known as “Guest”. Because of how smart our guest are(by now I hope you know I’m joking. most people are idiots) I get pissed off about every time someone sprints up to my desk. You get the rude people, the stupid people, the smelly people, the sick people, the screaming children people, the bad parents, the cellphone people, the people who don’t know what the want and so on.