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  • December 14, 2013 - lostout

    target killed my kids x-mas

    I hurt my back  well working targets over night shift I was off for three days I called in two days after to have my etl tell me that I had to come in or not get paid when I got there he told me to just go home so i figured I had come all the way there I should just see if I was able to work he then told me to tell him if I wasn’t able to do anymore and he would let me out  I did I went to the doc who then took me  off for two month the hole time  fighting with wsib well they waited for him to tell them he did indeed tell me to go home so here I am two weeks before x mas with three kids no money  and wsib just told me he said he never sent me home so im not getting any  benefits go figure they would lie but it took them nine weeks to do it target totally ruined  x mas for my family  as I haven’t been paid in 2mths I will never go into or buy anything there ever again. target should just leave they suck.