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  • April 24, 2014 - LODSaretheMissingLink

    I wanted to share this story…

    Well friends, as you know I have been out of red shirt and khakis for roughly 3 months now, and I don’t regret it for a second. However I still have all the funny memories.. the GSTL not letting me go to spend time with my dying grandmother, the LOD telling me I can’t go to her funeral without having it held against me, the butthurt customers raging at me for trying to sell them REDCards, the “cleaning up” Dollar Spot by just tossing shit on the shelves. Ohh Target, how I hate you.

  • March 27, 2014 - LODSaretheMissingLink

    Okay sir, I just need to swipe your Driver’s License

    One thing I do not understand is why in the FUCK do people get so ticked about having their ID’s swiped?? Do you really think a multi-billion dollar company wants your stupid fucking information? You think the LOD is sitting in the back selling your info to pirates? Let me give you an example of one guest’s stupidity:


    “I was in Target a few weeks ago.  I had about $200 worth of stuff loaded on the conveyer belt and about 1/3 of the way through checking me out the gal says; can I see your drivers license?  I asked why – she said because it’s required if I want to buy NyQuil.

    I took my license out and showed it to her.  She tried to grab it, I asked her what she was doing, she said she needed to swipe my license.  Um, no.  There is all sorts of information contained on that strip that Target has no business accessing.  She said she couldn’t continue unless I let her swipe my DL.  I said you’d rather I walk out rather than let me buy NyQuil without giving Target the same information I need to give the DMV in order to be licensed to operate a motor vehicle.  She said yes.

    I left all the stuff sitting on the belt and walked out.”

    -Taken from a Huffington Post website.


    CLAP CLAP DUDE YOU’RE A LITTLE BADASS WOOOW CLAAAAAP CLAAP MAAAAAAN YOU STOOD UP FOR CIVIL RIGHTS. No. No, you’re a fucking dumb ass who probably thinks the GUBMENT is watching your every move.

  • March 4, 2014 - LODSaretheMissingLink

    One thing you need to realize is..

    ..if you work at Target you are their bitch. You are no longer Joe Blow, but rather Target Employee #006873. Social occasions? Going out on FRIDAY NIGHT?? HA. You make Target laugh. When you work for Target you become a little ant in a colony of 99999 ants. YOU ARE NOTHING TO THEM. You smell like shit because your life revolves around kissing your LOD’s ass. Mmm yes kiss more ass and you’ll get that nice $0.09 raise you always wanted. Maybe even get your hours moved from 20 a week to 23 despite the fact that you told them you could work 40 a week. What’s that? The GSTL said you need to retrieve carts from the parking lot? First clean up that smeared fecal matter in the bathroom you worthless sack of shit. What? You have a funeral to attend? Oh okay get Target Employee #009876 to cover for you- OH WAIT HE CAN’T because he’s going into overtime and I can’t allow that. Oh I guess you’ll just have to miss that funeral or else have it held against you.

  • March 1, 2014 - LODSaretheMissingLink

    What is everyone doing for a living now?

    Seriously.. I’ve noticed about 1/2 the people on this site no longer work for Target. Literally one dude worked there like 7 years ago

  • January 3, 2014 - LODSaretheMissingLink


    At long last, AT LONG FUCKING LAST, I am free. FREE. I gave my LOD my 2-week notice about 3 weeks ago and as of last Saturday I haven’t been back. The carnival I normally work at has been closed for the past 3 months or so (Winter brings poor revenue) but I’m returning to the carnival on the 17’th, where I’ll work 10-hour days on 3-day weekends having fun and making a livable wage. NOTHING like the shitty $8.00/hr “wage” Target has to offer. I informed my LOD that until the 17’th I was free to work and we worked out a deal: I could call in and ask if they needed an extra cashier despite not being on the schedule. So today I called and got a different LOD from the one I spoke to about the deal, he asked for my number and told me he’d call me back. SURPRISE, he hasn’t called me back. I’M SOOOO SHOCKED. So it looks like I will most likely walk into Target one last time to pick up my $56.00 dollar paycheck. Which isn’t even worth it.

  • December 29, 2013 - LODSaretheMissingLink

    I fucking hate Target’s Bags

    I’m a cashier at Target and I have to say, one of the worst parts of checking people out is dealing with those fucking bags. I don’t know if it’s like this at all Target’s, but here in Texas our Target bags suck dick. You literally have to tear them from each other I mean actually use both fucking hands and grasp onto separate bags or else you wind up just tearing them both down the middle. It’s kind of like tearing a piece of paper that you’ve already folded, unfolded, and folded again and if you’re not careful you’ll tear more than you intended.

  • December 23, 2013 - LODSaretheMissingLink

    Credit Card Data Breach?

    Anyone heard about this? Wtf….


    So basically if you go to their Facebook page it’s full of comments on this security breach.

  • December 7, 2013 - LODSaretheMissingLink

    Let’s Talk Pros and Cons

         Okay so, we all know Target is the worst, more shittiest place to work.. but what are the pros/cons of your position? I’m looking at cart attendants especially, what do you love and hate?


  • December 3, 2013 - LODSaretheMissingLink

    Things cashiers just love to have guests do at check-out

    We just LOVE it when you have fucking 7 separate transactions, each time paying with the exact fucking same credit card because you “gotta get those miles”. I like it when you take fucking forever to find your credit card and I wind up getting a poor cashier score so my LOD complains about my R’s. I also like when you pay entirely in 1’s… I mean really? What are we your fucking bank?? I like it when you have a motherfucking screaming baby who you just let yell and fucking yell. I like it more when you reward the negative behavior with candy or affection. That kid don’t need fucking candy, he needs a good fucking ass beating. I guaran fucking tee you if that kid kid got ass whoopings regularly he wouldn’t be doing that shit.

  • Ohhhhhkay. So. I had a customer who was obviously pissed off, and of course, I asked him if he would like to save 5% by getting a Target REDCard… Now, my LOD,GSTL,TL WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU CALL THE MANAGER, told me I wasn’t selling enough REDCards and that I had to be more persistant.. so.. customer walks up, has maybe 8 items, so I have to be quick. Hello sir how are you on this fine evening? Guy says “fine” in a business-like manner, so I can tell he’s pissed off and in a rush.  I ask him if he’d like to save 5 percent… no.