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  • So I made it to two months of employment at this hell hole of a store.

    I was hired in October as a deli production team member. This is where the bullshit begins. I had applied as a cashier but was convinced to accept a deli position under the impression (lying by omission) that this position was not seasonal and was full time. Later on I was informed that basically “everyone is seasonal since you all start on a 90 day probation”. Fair enough. Little do they tell you that’s just code for they can fire you for any and no reason.

    I took the position and was assured if I felt uncomfortable I could always ask to change my department. Okay, great. Not. They began to work me to death immediately. Long days. Many days in a row. Little days off. i thought things were going well. I was working the same pace as my peers. I was happy. Then I got my performance review. I was told I was “too slow” and “not engaging the guests enough” but that if I improved i stood a chance. So I tried harder. I thought things were going well.

    approximately one month after my hire I found out I was expecting. My fiance and i were overjoyed. Still are. I told my coworkers and my leaders. Then i got called in for coaching. Once again the “you’re too slow” speech. I told my lead that i was fatigued because im pregnant. I was assured that she would help me and find me a department where i would he able to take it easy until my baby was born.