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  • February 16, 2019 - Lardlines

    I Just Cannot Stand This Job

    I currently work at a little bit of a smaller Target in Hardlines. Starting out as seasonal, I was pretty glad and excited to have a $12/hour job that was going to offer me lots of hours, or so they said. After what I have to assume was a pretty normal Christmas season, as I had never worked retail from Black Friday through the end of the year, I was still somewhat positive. Of course, I had seen some issues that deeply upset me, like the fact that our store has no backstop team leaving untrained and unsupervised team members to climb up 25 foot ladders with bulky and awkward 30+lb boxes to backstop, which is wholly against OSHA regulations, but I let it slide because I needed a job and it was never addressed in a reasonable way when I brought it up. I was just told by the LODs that “it would be fixed during the remodel later this year” or “I know, but just be careful.”