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  • I am so glad I found this site and even more so knowing that I’m not just being a cry baby and other people are having the same problems as me.

    Here’s my Bullseye Bullshit:

    I started working at Target in July of 2012 on the flow team. I was supposed to work from 4am-8am, “supposed to” being the key phrase (I’ll get to this in a bit).

    I liked it well enough in the beginning, why wouldn’t I? I got to run around and throw cheap Made in China crap on the shelves and I didn’t have to talk to anybody.

    I don’t think I was even free of the 90 day probation period when they decided I should do HBA repacks, the first three days I had help, then I was on my own. After a while they decided that I should also pull HBA. I’m claustrophobic and our HBA/pets stock room is TINY (I’m 5’7 about 120 pounds and I have to go sideways down the aisles). Awesome -.-