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  • December 5, 2014 - khronos

    Fuck you Target

    I started working at Target the first week of November, I was really excited to start as it was my first job, it was going pretty well at first but then I noticed the “team members” aka shitheads slacked off or left randomly just to¬†make me do the majority of the work that they started themselves. They would also yell at me if I wasn’t doing it “their” way, assume that I knew what to do, accuse me of things and roll their eyes if I asked them a simple fucking question. I was hired to be on the seasonal flow team and I was always on time, I never missed a day and never complained, when I went to work I did my job and then some, I would always stay until ALL of my work was finished, yet when I got to work I was always treated like shit. They had me doing¬†almost every position in the store and gave me very poor training. I was also trained as a cashier /very poorly I might add/ and learned the majority of the tasks through trial and error.