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  • August 25, 2013 - katiepurrs

    Who’s next to join T1846 firing squad

    A friend recently got fired from this shit hole. As soon as she told a bunch of us I was so angry. She seemed pretty relaxed and she sensed some kind of relief. There’s a lot of us that saw that coming though, they were looking for any excuse to fire her and they did.

    The good thing is that she no longer has to deal with all the bullshit and put up with these annoying ass ETL’s. I’m happy she’s out of here but I’m sad cause she was fun to work with. ETL’s hated that she got along well with others, not only was she an awesome person but she had the kind of personality that draws you.

    MI even heard they had written her up for not being FFF really? I can made ten purple out of the top of my head that very much lack FFF come one who are we fooling?

  • August 6, 2013 - katiepurrs

    The UNION for T1846 and all Targets

    I think it’s time to make that call. Not only because we get shitty 4 hour shifts and not more than 20 hrs a week but because we have to put an end to all this retaliation and harassment from the ETL’s.


    Team members get scheduled under the 30 hour margin that privileges you from obtaining health insurance. That’s why a lot of us don’t have insurance because we fall under the radar. How are we suppose to feed our kids working less than 20 hours a week? It doesn’t matter to them because they’re salaried and their kids are being fed and taken care of because they do have health insurance.

    That’s just another type of unfairness and abuse! We as “team members” should join as ONE team. Stand up for ourselves and to be each others backbone. Lets end this awful treatment coming from “the best company ever”. PLEASE!


  • Even the cart attendant has done it, is that crazy or what? They “MAKING” people who aren’t paid to be gsa’s or gstl’s to hold keys and handout money when the gsa’s and gstl’s are at break or lunch or if there was a call out by one of them. They use and abuse anyone as much as possible. Why don’t they get a TL to watch the front or an Etl since they’re always just walking around pretending to be busy but yet they walk joined at the hips like Siamese twins.


    Then you have electronics also pulling people who don’t know jack shit about accessories or attachments to go give them their break or lunch! Crazy crazy crazy. People who aren’t “trained” in certain departments get put to work there not having a clue or idea of the rules abs in food avenues case cleanliness!

    I guess they figure that team members are to scared to say NO! That’s why they get taken advantage of

  • 97% of all new etl’s don’t have at least one day in retail experience and they get hired by this company. Sure we’ll train you, just walk around and sit in the tsc and pretend to be busy on the computer. The best one yet is when the operations executive team leader is “training” the intern and as soon as his store team lead walks up to them “loafing” he replies: I was showing her what all we do at guest service with returns as he’s asked by his superior “what are you doing?”. Epic!!

    So basically if you have a degree in eating boogers just apply at your nearest target and you too can hold a key to the store and walk around and pretend to be a top performer when in reality you suck donkey dick.

    But anyway just roll with the punches wear ALOT of chap stick in case you get chapped lips from kissing ass to be in the “cool” circle. oh and wipe the tip of your nose once in a while from being a brown-noser too. Ya’ll should be ashamed and embarrassed.