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  • January 6, 2014 - Juliew279

    So apparently I didn’t “fit” the mold?

    I was hired to work at a Target Starbucks in Canada in November 2013…..I was excited! I thought that Target treated their employees with respect and dignity….or at least that was what I was told in the interview.

    I worked my butt off….literally….was always on time……never disrespected anyone….always stayed late when help was needed and never complained about my job to anyone.  But I was the only 30 something year old with 2 kids.  EVERYONE else EXCEPT the team lead (she was also 30 something) was in their early 20’s….worried about school projects and partying,

    I worked and didn’t like standing around and talking about what happened that weekend….or who was sleeping with who and who was cheating on who with who…..ect ect.