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  • August 22, 2012 - jojo

    Finally I Can Vent!!

    So I work at a target in the San Gabriel Valley in California. I’ve been an employee for two years about to be three. I work two jobs, pay for college out of my own pocket, and am a full time student. I can’t stand the way our Target store has picked out favorites already. I bust my ass five times more than other employees. I only received a ten cent raise this year while other team members who just walk around talking, take thirty minute breaks, hang out at the fitting room, call out repeatedly and always text receive a forty cent raise. I’m always the one being called to backup the cash registers, take out pull from the backroom, work three departments while others only work one, and am expected to do other team members work load because they have fallen behind. When I ask for help I’m always told ill be sent help. I guess they lost their way to where I am. Also every team lead we have are cousins and our manager is two of their god mothers. Apparently I offended one of the team leads with a joke about our new gstl will probably be their uncle and my hours have drastically dropped. Used to work 30 hours a week now 12 hours a week. I hate target and literally everything about it. I try calling the anonymous number to complain but they never do anything.