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  • I worked for Garland East Super Target – 1489 from Spring 2004 to Winter 2014.

    OK the Title is more what I wish my first post was titled but this one is in the same line so, I’m going to run with it.

    Ok So throughout 2013 I was the target of abuse base on my sexuality. I reported it several time but nothing was ever done about it. So on July 8, I was really depressed and tormented by the last year and I wrote a letter to my former HR pleading for answers. Maybe a mistake, maybe not, but it did feel good to right the stuff down. I found out later she had quit, and therefore couldn’t get the letter I wrote.

    However Target forwarded it to “headquarters.” and I got Two emails “responding to the letter.” at different email addresses.

  • July 22, 2014 - John Cree

    OMFG, Store Politics

    I worked for Garland East Super Target – 1489 from Spring 2004 to Winter 2014.

    OMG the amount of Store Politics, I don’t care who you respect or like, we are adults, treat each other with respect and do your damn job. Don’t try and screw each other over.

    Ever the asshole who spent a year verbally abusing me got my respect as a TM. I would still help and work with that homophobic asshole. Be fucking professional.

    These are fucking Store Managers, ETLs and TLs causing even more grief in the store so they could screw the next ETL or TL for some god awful stupid ass reason.

  • I worked for Garland East Super Target – 1489 from Spring 2004 to Winter 2014.

    We went from a Store manager who never left an end-cab in a disgraceful state, never left a isle empty, and never lets ETLs, or TLs waste hours to store managers who would barely walk the floor much less keep tabs on ETL, and TLs. The planagrams where behind by a month, end-cabs completely shit, and isles empty, well with the signage “coming soon” bullshit.

    ETLs stopped trying to do there jobs and simply gave up any attempt to solve problems. ETLs and TLs who never even tried to Lead. Some things where so simple.

  • July 11, 2014 - John Cree

    Homophobic Abuse in 2013

    Target 1489

    I was hired on 3-3-04.  During the time I worked for target I had a few low level problems with being a gay employee.  A few people who dislikes me for being homosexual, a few joke here and there nothing I couldn’t handle myself. And nothing worth reporting to HR or Target Help Line.

    However in the Fall of 2012 and continuing to the point I was terminated, winter 2014. I was systematically abused by a team member(adam) and team lead(anthony).

    Adam repeatedly referred to me as Bitch, Pussy, and on at least one occasion called me f****t.