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  • May 12, 2012 - itswack

    target is also very clique-y

    I’m sure it’s not just my Target that’s clique-y. I’m new but honestly I don’t like it. I’m in Food ave so I work with only 4-5 others and that’s it. I don’t interact with other people. It’s whatever. I don’t know if any of the cashiers even like me ha. I smile but they don’t smile back. Whatever. I just do my job and want to go. Food ave is too hard and too time consuming for me to worry about basic bitches that are cashiers. I honestly think food ave is like an island in Target, isolated from everything. Oh well.

  • It’s insanely busy in the one I work at. I hate it because I have to close alone and there are always so many customers. This one customer in particular was SO RUDE.She seriously needs to learn respect. Why are the old customers the mean ones? She asked me to pop fresh popcorn even though I told her I’djust done in 10 minutes prior. This bitch seriously. Then today I told her that we were out of cups because we were. I didn’t know that we were able to give smoothie cups in place of water cups since we were out of water cups as a whole. She got mad at me when I said there weren’t any cups. I couldn’t give her a free soda cup. I ended up gviving her a smoothie cup and luckily that was the right thing. Still, she’s a bitch and apparently my co-workers know her too well. Well she probably has a shitty life so too bad for that bitch. Seriously though, you NEED at least TWO people closing food ave, not ONE. There are tons of dishes and one person cannot do that AND handle customers. I wish we closed earlier too. 9 pm is too late, nobody comes in that late. Sometimes I wish could close down for a half hour during the day and just get caught up.