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  • You don’t have to wear kaky pants! Target believes you won’t ever read the team member hand book, and face it, who even still has there’s after about a week? One day after being screamed at for having stickers on my name tag, I took a look at the handbook. Although I found out that you can’t have stickers, but you also don’t have to wear kaky pants to work. On page 15( I think) the hand book says you can wear any solid color pants. They say preferably kaky, not kaky required. On the front of the handbook it says “no store exempt” so if you feel like taking revenge at work, just walk in in blue pants, point out the rule, and you can’t get in trouble. Have fun guys!

  • May 29, 2014 - ipoptart

    Wtf target

    I was so excited to work at target. I’m sure most people are at first. My friend had started working there a few months before me and raved about how he loved it, and that I should apply ASAP! So…I did and after calling them twice they set me up with an interview. I aced the phone interview and the same day went in for an actual face to face interview. I was hired in the meat department, and never told wtf I did over there! Keep in mind I’m a short 142 pound wasn’t till my second day that ┬áthe women who hired me told me I had to be able to lift 80bls and work in a freezer most of the time. After 1 month of breaking down 7-8 foot pallets every other night and coming home bruised to hell from having meat boxes fall on me, I asked out of the department.