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  • I’m 16, been working at Target for less than a month, and I already want to quit! The “guests” are rude and expect too much for a seasonal employee, plus I just started. The people who work there for the most part seem nice enough, but there is nobody at my store my age and they are all expecting too much of me. I’m on the Sales Floor, and I was never told which part of the Sales Floor I was hired for, like Hardlines or Softlines and nobody else knows. I get decent pay, at $11.50/h CAD but to me, who doesn’t need a job to support myself (yet), it’s not worth my mental well-being. It’s terrible job, and I would never recommend it to anybody. I have been calling in sick for the past 3 days because they are putting too much stress on me. anybody have ANY suggestions on how to quit QUICKLY? It’s very important to me. I’m at the Red Deer Alberta location.