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  • October 27, 2010 - Iamcde

    Pet Pals & Target SUCK!

    Bought a Pet Pals backpack for my child in August, it broke at the base of the pull handle less than 4 weeks into school, has a “Lifetime Warranty”…they have none at our local store anymore (only had them in stores for back to school), there is none 1 1/2 hours away from our home…they will not ship it to me, they will not ship it inner store, they want me to drive 3 hours, pay approximately $10.000 in tolls and take pick it up at the store myself (never mind that I am disabled and unable to drive 3 hours without assistance)  and tried to tell me that it was outside the return period (at less than 60 days of ownership…what about the “lifetime Warranty”…LIARS!!!!!!)  Anyway, wasted enough time on them…gathering up the thousands of $$ worth of CRAP I have bought there in the last 90 days and hauling back to them !!!!  Promised the guy at corporate…Dale, I believe, that I was going to plaster it all over the net…so here I go!  TARGET SUCKS!!!!  Support “no shopping at Target day on Black Friday, every year…tell your friends and let’s make it a great day…expect great things. LOL !!!!!