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Archives / March 2015

  • March 6, 2015 - HP2114

    Welcome to Hell

    I’ve written on here a few times before, but this one takes the cake. So they scheduled me for a 4 hour shift? for some unknown reason. All this week i’ve been feeling sick, went to work yesterday and felt horrible the entire day. The store was hot as fuck and with me being sick, I was sweating and looked really bad the entire shift. So today, I decided to wait awhile before I called in for my pointless 4 hour shift. Also, it’s snowing here, and we are supposed to get up to a foot of snow, plus sleet and it’s just basically going to be an icy mess all on the roads and Target doesn’t pay me enough for me to drive for 4 hours of hell while i’m already sick. So I call in and talk to the fucking annoying LOD who I already have a previous story about. He fucking gets mad at me BECAUSE I’M SICK! what the actual fuck!? Like do you just want me to control my sickness and feel better so I can come into work for the whole 2 customers who will be there?

  • December 18, 2014 - HP2114

    Hire more cashiers!

    So since Christmas is almost here, most stores have more check out lanes open, right? Haha, not at Target. My store has 14 lanes, 4 of them being express lanes. During the middle of the day on a Saturday or Sunday, there’s only FOUR cashiers! Seriously??!! And even when the evening rolls around and it gets a little less busy, they are still having to call for backup every two seconds. I was up on a cashier lane for an hour, an hour I could have been zoning and finishing my pulls. But no, I had to go up for backup every 5 minutes because no one else responded on the damn walkie. I’ve never ┬áseen an LOD go up for backup, I think they should since they don’t do anything else. But honestly, you would think target would want to get people checked out as quickly as possible, but I suppose that would make too much sense for this shit hole.

  • November 23, 2014 - HP2114

    Unrealistic expectations

    I started working at Target about 4 months ago and at first I thought it was going pretty well. I was doing what I needed and got along with pretty much everyone. I don’t even know when things started going downhill. This past month has been pure hell on Earth. The LOD’s expect so much out of you it’s ridiculous. I work in hardlines and it isn’t too awful, but we are expected to be working on our zones, do pulls, work returns, go for backup cashier, help guests in person and on the phones/call buttons. This one TL is such a douche, he doesn’t even do anything but gloat about how awesome he is while he can’t even finish his zone on time. He goes on walkie and tells everyone what to do like he’s the LOD, I can’t stand him. When we are working on pulls or zones, they yell at us for not working on returns, then when we start working on those, we get bitched at for not clearing the line…wtf do they want me to do first?