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  • November 18, 2013 - hienxhuynh

    Put your input

    Ive been working at target since July. I’ve only called out if i was feeling sick. I broke my toe one Friday night, called the next morning telling them I cant work. The LOD who picked up did not believe me one Bit. To that I had to go to the doctors and bring in a note To excuse me from work. I’m a very hard worker there, even though I’m a cashier. My speed score is always 90% and my red cards are acceptable. During my 90 day review I got great comments . But I feel like target is fucken Taking advantage of me. when I take weekends off , which isn’t a lot but I need a break from them. I get called unreliable. UnfckenrelIable! This store doesn’t even know how to say my name. Neither do they ask how to say it.  my TL always tells me to be globe , how am I suppose to talk to anyone if I get in trouble for speaking to coworkers cause I’m not “working”.  this past Saturday , I had a sinus infection and felt like I was going to past out at work. I told my TL he told me find a manger so I did. went to the back room another worker told them over the radio . Apparently he cleared it for me to go home. Nobody told me anything . I went to find someone to cover my shift. Two mangers saw me I spoke to them. They had the nerve to tell me to go back on register regardless of how I feeling. ARE YOU FUCKEN SERIOUS. they weren’t even listening or bothering to pay attention to a word I said . took me an hr to  finally get my hr’s attention . I told him how I felt about being a cashier . About how the store doesn’t know how to say my name and how I hate being there. He listened and told me he okay it for me for leave an hr ago. I fucken hate target. I’m debating if I should put my two weeks in. I have so many other stories. I fucken hate this place but it’s a job.  But I’m only 18 I shouldn’t feel depress about working or be taken advantage of .