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  • November 7, 2011 - Gillian

    I quit

    Took this job because I needed one, husband is at home totally disabled and needs full time care, but I wanted income, wanted off food stamps, Medicaid. 7.75 hour in soft lines. My training was a typewritten note stating my job was mostly super zoning. Can’t sit down, walked full 6 to 8 hour shifts, oftentimes 6 days in a row. Asked to be transferred to another department with day time hours. Next day my TL called me in and warned me about the numerous complaints she’d received from co-workers and guests about my language. She had it in for me because I complained about lack of training. Knew she’d find a reason, she reminded me I was still in my 90 days. The day before when I talk with HR about a cutting back hours because of home situation, she said how much everyone loved working with me. I gave notice the following Monday after a rare weekend off. I have had lots of bad jobs, but Target’s scheduling and two faced ways of dealing with sales floor people is awful. Family first, ADA accommodations for family reasons, etc. are not respected. If allegations that aerious and true, then why wasn’t STL and HR notified. Foul language complaints, really and a guest noticing a workers name is even more ludicrous. Knew days were numbered, got out before Black Friday, rather be impoverished financially than have my mind turned to mush folding jeans and hanging clothes guests threw on the floor.