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  • July 18, 2015 - FucktheRedCard

    RedCard and Electronics Bullshit!!

    Alright so ive always loved target ever since i was a kid and thought it was a neat and clean place to shop. I got off of active duty and thought that it would make a great first civilian job. I went in for an interview for electronics and was hired on the spot. I was super stoked about working in my ideal section of the store. My first two weeks were cashiering shifts as part of the training that everyone else gets and I loved it. I had enough energy to bounce off the damn walls and i got Red cards left and right(#FuckthoseThings). I was #1 in the district averaging about 20 a week and would occasionally get 10 a day. Management loved me for the fact that i got so many damn redcards and I in turn loved the attention and praise from doing well at my first job, little did i know how much of a pain this shit would become.