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  • November 4, 2014 - fucktargetiquit

    Target sucks, I wanna quit after 4 days

    I was hired as a seasonal cashier. I have lots of work experience and am a fast learner. I am a very hard worker. I am also graduating with my Bachelor’s in 3 months, but my managers at Target treat me like I’m stupid. On my first day I was put out on the floor with virtually no training. I have never been so poorly trained for a job. Every time I need help the managers act annoyed and are not friendly. Instead of explaining to me how to do it they do it for me and walk away. I am not learning this way, but have picked up many things on my own. I’m tired of pissing customers off because I have no idea what I’m doing. It makes me look so stupid, when in fact I know this job would be easy if I were taught. ┬áIt is only my 4th day and I’m seriously just considering not showing up anymore.