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  • September 18, 2012 - fucktarget12

    City target sucks ass

    Ok so I was a new hire and to start off I was messed with by target they wouldn’t accept my forms of ID they kept sending me home and sending me letters telling me when my orientation wasso I finally get in and not ¬†even a month after I get hired they fire me because I missed one day and didn’t call in so they say but I clearly remember me not having to work so I come in the next day and I work all the way up to 2 pm and mind you my work day was supposed to be 9:45 to 6 and they fired me at 2 how do work someone almost the whole shift and then fire them for missing one day and just because I was in my 90 day trial period doesn’t ¬†mean anything I should get the treatment as all the other employees and u should should be posted in the hand book that if you are in your ninty days you can not miss a day and not call in and when I told them that I didn’t know they still had me sign the paper saying I was fired and yet they just dictated to me the policy and still they didn’t let look at it and it’s not in the hand book sink can see it I reel like I was let go for no reason.