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  • June 19, 2011 - Firefligh

    So I lost my hours why?

    Once agin my job sucks. Why? well as I said I do a bit of everything so for the past yr I’ve been workign the dairy section (stocking, tossing out expired items, orgainzing, and cleaning) I got that because I am a bit OCD about cleaming. Well this week i picked up shifts at a regular target and got glowing reviews.. they didn’t understand how I was labeled “PC” Two seperat Team Leads asked me to stay and they would gladly let me come there. I being somewhat happy with the other sections was like Well if i wasn’t doing the other section i would have thought about it. Well I end up back at my store and as I’m asked how it when i let them know and how I was asked to stay but didn’t because of Dairy, i was quickly corrected and told that another employee would be taking my place.

    I asked what happened they was told they were “Grooming” that employee.

    Well damned if not 4 weeks eariler I had applied for Pricing and was turned down because that same employee who just took Dairy from me got that job because she was more suited for the job.

    Needless to say I had to grin and bear it because I was told I had problems with my attendance.. hmm I didn’t know that I did. I guess when you’ve worked there for 3 years, and maybe missed like 10 days total due to being sick, and maybe late like 5 was a problem.

    the kicker though was when I got told my A Senior Team Lead that if I had an offer from them, try to go to that store, but there’s no guarentee i would be able to transfer due to my record.

    Yep.. Well done Target

  • May 31, 2011 - Firefligh

    Opening???? or Unopening

    So i’ve been with target for a while now and I’m one of those people who work their rear off, but my lable??? “PC” or Problem Child. I work on a weekly basis 2 to 3 sections at my store and work them hard, but what happens today on this lovely holiday? I come in ( a few mins late as I am a single mother and had to wait for a sitter) but i called and was told ok. I then headed over to my work section to do my normal opening and come to find out 2 hrs later my section TL (at least the one I’m at today) had already prepped my pizza dough and and i had redone it as no one had told me, what a waste…. everything had to be repanned and what was the comment i got??? “Well why didn’t you assume it had been done????”  Myreply.. “u… if I opened.. why would be done before I got there???? and if it was done.. why couldn’t i stay home fro my 11th day of work straight?”