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Archives / May 2013

  • May 22, 2013 - F Target 15 hours

    This is simply bullshit working here..

    So fellow co workers, you know I honestly hate this fucking company. For it being my very first job I gotta say, its bullshit. I recently got my review and I figured it wouldn’t be that bad. Well apparently my hard work since last November when I got hired hasn’t payed off. This stupid ass team lead that is from softlines did mine, my overall score was IE (Inconsistently Efficient). I was like wow just wow. Its so fucked up because I get way more work done than a lot of people there. I get two zones done in the shitty five hours they schedule us. What it takes my co worker to do one area I’ve already done two. So my overall raise was $7 cents lol.

  • February 19, 2013 - F Target 15 hours

    15 hours. Seriously??

    I’ve been working at Target now for about 5 months now. I was hired as a seasonal team member but then they kept me and offered me a permanent job after it. I thought maybe Target is a good place to work for, it’s an awesome place to shop blah blah, haha. At first when I started, I didn’t notice a lot of the discrepancies I see now. Lazy ass workers, bitch ass LOD’s, stupid rules like covering the diamonds of the shelf. Are you fucking kidding me? Haha. So I remember a dumbass LOD telling me when I was zoning ” Covering the diamonds are the most important Thing a guest is gonna look at first when coming to buy something.” Haha bullshit!! I thought In my head haha. It’s a disgrace not being able to work more hours, it’s a disgrace how target cuts it’s hours from its workers to save money for the 4th quarter. How the hell are people who are working there gonna survive off of 15 hours a week?? Some people have mortgages, or rent and kids and with those hours the company expects people to love off of. It’s a disgrace. I hate how there’s so many bosses. Everyday or week there’s different ones. Wtf is the point of that. I like a few bosses and my team lead one of them. She’s super chill. The bosses I like and my supervisor are cool because they actually help us work and are understanding of how busy it can get which makes it difficult to zone, the others act like they’re so perfect that there shit don’t stink. Literally they do. It makes me wanna call them out and be like your a fucking idiot. They don’t have to worry about shit, they have salaries and arent paid hourly like us. It’s gay. I highly wouldn’t recommend this job, I’d speak to an actual employee first about it. I wish I would have done that first. Oh and the motto of one of my co workers here is “another day another penny”. Get it? Because of the wages haha. Bullshit hahahaha