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  • August 31, 2013 - ExGSTL

    Target is H E L L

    I worked 2 targets in the Chicagoland area for total of 5 years. The first target I HAD to transfer bc there were new TLs not knowing what to do bc all they wanted the title and the “extraordinary pay”. I had an amazing realm lead group for my first year and then it clearly changed for the worst. There was tls doing time clock fraud and just sleeping around with various ppl in the store. Also, the team was extremely lazy. I ran on multiple occasions to grab call buttons and to meet guests. Shitttttttyyyy ass ppl. Then I transferred and they were all mad that the little girl that was half their size was leaving to another store that did all their work. At the moment I was in school and they would not release the zone until all the assholes finished their work. I was scheduled to 12 & the practically made me stay to about 1am.