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  • November 3, 2012 - ERROR_AM_I

    Awesome quitting stories

    So granted we all hate Target (why else would we even be here) but anyone have any good quitting stories that they did or they witnessed, or hell lets throw in feasible what ifs.

    I suppose I should go first so I was playing around one day with the Idea of getting Tattooed on my ass the following “Target can suck my (arrow points to my chocolate starfish)” and pretty much would go around my executives “office” (more like a closet) saying “Fuck you I quit, I hate this place so much I permanently marked my body with a message to you all” and then proceed to drop trow and moon the dumb bitch. I never did it of course but man that would have been funny.

    Another Idea that came to me was gathering up all the PDA’s and crushing them in the baler and just walking out.

    That’s all I feel like typing for now come one someone else indulge us with some humorous stories.