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  • December 30, 2014 - ErikaA


    So I was hired as a seasonal cashier at Target for the holidays. I had time off school and figured I could use the extra money. They made it sound like working there would be fine and dandy and you had a good chance of being kept after the season ended. Fucking liars. They don’t train you!! Just stick you on a register in training mode and hand you a little book along with fake checks and cards to train yourself. And, naturally, because you’re on a register the “guests” ask you if you’re open. Like, hello?! Is my light on?! Then NO IM NOT. Then you get thrown on a register and hope for the best. Now some people are pretty damn understanding when you’re new and trying to figure out what you’re doing. I apologized about a billion times in my first week or so because nobody teaches you how to process WIC checks, when you request change it takes FOREVER for the GSTL/LOD to bring you your change 99% of the time, and no one bothers to train you at all its more like: here you go good luck and blink your light if you need me. Blink the light and they STILL take forever to get to you. A “guest” asks for a manager but the operator won’t call a manager for you, they call whoever the hell they can get to help you.