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  • My experience working at a Target store unloading trucks during holiday season compels me to voice concerns for new employees regarding safety. I will address these hazards by relating the following incidents and offer possible remedies. The managers often just throw an inexperienced employee on the unload line with no training or instructions on how to deal with these problems.

  • July 29, 2018 - elguey

    Waste of energy working at Target

    I am not proud of my 7+ years of service at a Target store. Apparently, I supported and enabled an arrogant, inept, abrasive, and irresponsible management staff. When something went wrong they found the most convenient scapegoat (associate) instead of considering their own disorganization, miscommunication, lack of knowledge, and failure to delegate tasks efficiently. What a fool I was to waste time there. Many jobs give the bonus of a sense of accomplishment. Not this one. Choose an employer with solid and able management–not a gang of stubborn and ineffective loudmouths who throw their weight around and try to cover their own mistakes by chewing someone out instead of finding the cause of the problem and correcting it.