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  • —note: This is not referring to accidental mytime mistakes from auto generated schedule—-

    There are many times that it’s not a mistake when your availability is getting overridden. A flag comes up to let them know you are not available for a certain day/time frame. To get around this, some of the HR “managers” will go in and change the beginning date of your availability. For example, you originally started being off on tuesday’s 4 months ago… and you find out your “unavailable” shift is no longer showing when you check the schedule on the board.

  • So they don’t necessarily want the most qualified candidates for promotions. Nor do they want the hardest working. It’s a who you know type of situation. After first year I received no raise. I never missed a day. I was late once by 2 minutes. I have the experience in retail to have a team lead position but they gave it to some 20 year old that worked in a restaurant previously. Not only that, he’s always showing up late in the morning shifts because of being out drinking all night. He slept in a Wendy’s parking lot and missed work. Still has his job, promotion, and pay. WOW. Forget the job position, I produce far more than other employees some of which came after me and got hired for more money. I make $9 while someone with no experience comes in and get $10.50 ————————————– rant over