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  • February 27, 2015 - dragonguy87

    Absolutely Terrified

    I am a recent hire of Target. I’ve been to this site several times, mostly to prepare myself for the possibilities ahead, but I don’t think I was prepared for what happened today. Today was my “orientation”, if you can call it that. I arrived, and I was carted into the office area with my other fellow hires. I was sat at a table, asked to sign a whole SLEW of paperwork that I barely had time to read (none of it tax related, might I add… don’t employers usually make you fill out W-4’s?) then the orientation leader, who will remain nameless not because I don’t want to give myself away, but BECAUSE HE NEVER TOLD IT TO US IN THE FIRST PLACE, turned on a DVD powerpoint thing. He then handed ME the remote, told me to click OK to move it forward, and LEFT. HE LEFT THE ROOM FOR AN HOUR, leaving us to watch the safety videos and go through the powerpoint slides in silence. There was no discussion. No question time. No nothing. After the powerpoint he gave us probably the most half-assed store tour on record, and just like that we were told to go home. Never have I been to a more soulless orientation. Never have I started work at a place knowing so little about it.