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  • I got stonewalled in my first round at discovery with my lawsuit against the Target Pharmacy here in Utah. According to Target’s attorney’s there are no “non-privileged” documents. I’m filing a motion to compel that includes voice recording from Target Customer Service giving me a claim # and at the same time telling me I had been denied my claim. I never made a claim, just a complaint.

    I asked for video but I was told there is none but yet somehow I don’t believe them…

  • February 10, 2015 - dontshoptarget

    Suing Target On My Own

    Having to sue Target on my own but the head pharmacist thought it was ok to falsely accuse me of being a doctor/pill shopper right next to the main customer service desk. I warned him that such a breach of privacy would result in action on my part but he basically told me to bring it. So I’ll be linking to a website detailing my lawsuit soon. If any pharmacists or pharmacy employees know of anything that could help me in my suit it would be appreciated. I have a snowflake’s chance in hell of getting anywhere but so far I’ve gotten to the disclosures and discovery so at least it will be interesting.