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  • January 27, 2015 - dmcj

    Hate target

    I’ve been at target for 4 months and slowing starting to hate it. They work me too much and are seriously understaffed. Like some days we only have 2 cashiers and need all sales floor to back up. I was scheduled for cashier one night and Lod had me work a green clip, Gstl called me back up and told lod he needed me up on the lanes. That I’m not sales floor today. Lod said that they needed green clips pushed. So gstl said not my problem, give me more then 2 cashiers and I wouldn’t need sales floor and walked away. Lod was he lead too. Tonight I didnt I was scheduled and they call me saying I was supposed to come in. I tell them that I wasn’t and they said I was and if I can come in, I say no cause I’m running a 103 fever with a cough and ┬áhr tells me “well then you’re getting written up as a no call no show if you don’t come in” I said I guess I’ll take that no call no show then. He goes “hmm. Fine. Bye”