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  • March 19, 2011 - DLord227

    Can’t let it go

    I was hired by Target in November  2005 as a Holiday hire (black Friday was my 2nd day on the job) I did such a good job I was put on full time. Was told I was the best had the greatest attitude all that jazz. My first position was working green world with an executive who had the idea I had to more or less bless the ground he walked on before he stepped on it. After I told him my work should be enough to tell you the worker that I am but magically I was labeled by him as trouble.

    I was then put in the backroom which I enjoyed doing the work was what it was and the execs rarely came back there unless there was a visit and they wanted to impress someone higher up. After about 4 months I was asked to do special duty and come to overnight working the usual hours but the day before it was changed to coming in at 4am and working until 12pm (that way I dont have to get paid the overnight increase in my wage I didnt complain and did it since my it fell better with a 2nd job I had.

    After that assignment I was told I was not allowed to work in the backroom anymore I was to be put in Planogram temporarily until another opening in the backroom came up. All this was my first year.