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  • August 1, 2013 - DishonorableMention

    Season Hire happily not returning

    So like many on this awesome site I have been exposed to how awful Target can truly be. I was blind and gullible in the beginning when they used innovative ways to refer to wage slaves and how we appease the “guests” with their purchases. In the months I have been hired to work I saw what Target is truly like: a REDcard spewing machine that will happily spit in your mother’s face if that means you will open up a REDcard with us today. The team leaders love to do what I have appropriately deemed as lurking: hovering over your shoulder to make sure you ask EVERY guest about the damned card. It has gotten to be so awful that I was not coached once but THREE times within the past 2 weeks to “step up” my game and “drive home those sales”. Who in all honesty cares about the 5%? Sure that seems like a lot when you rack up your bill to the 500-900 dollar range (and living in a tourist town I see that happen easily within a day) but buy an avocado. Buy an apple. Knock a dime off the asking price and add the sales tax in and you may have a discount on your hands. We need to wake up and smell the roses: the 5 percent is a LIE. It is a trick to make guests shop with Target more and successfully brainwash those willing to lay on their backs, spread their legs, and take the bull right up the divide. It broke my heart to truly see past the smoke and mirrors that they display to guests and see the lifeless, heartless machine chug along.