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  • January 10, 2015 - Dbeast

    Are you serious target???

    Got hired as a seasonal worker. Worked a mix of things. Eventually wound up in electronics because I’m knowledgeable in the area. I did pretty well and they told me I did. They asked me to stay after most of the seasonal workers got cut. I agreed and they kept me in electronics. I had a shift the next day where I just did pulls. I did a ridiculous amount of them and worked my ass off. However, the next day, the LOD called me in and said that my warranties in electronics were in the red. LIKE THAT WAS MY FUCKING PROBLEM. LIKE I RAN ELECTRONICS OR SOME SHIT. Anyways, she told me that if I didnt step it up tomorrow, they are going to remove me from electronics because I dont want to sell their shitty warranty to people. EVERY FUCKING NIGHT FOR THE PAST TWO WEEKS, they have put me in electronics BY MY FUCKING SELF with no mid!