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  • December 5, 2018 - creeelee

    My friend was fired

    so this guy I befriended from target was fired because he missed his fifth hour a bunch of times within his 90 days and he apparently wasn’t performing well. It makes perfect sense but there’s something that isn’t adding up to me or it’s maybe a coincidence. I figured out he’s been stealing video games along with a $300 item. He wasn’t confronted about it or anything so maybe he got away with it. Someone noticed something was missing and suddenly a week and a half later he ends up getting fired so I’m thinking there’s more to the story but apparently target didn’t say anything about it. It just seems odd to me. Are they just gonna ignore this? I know I sound like a shitty friend but I honestly think what he did was kind of petty. I know target sucks but what he did was crazy. Target usually cracks down on this sort of thing as the persons getting fired. I’ve seen people get walked out in cuffs for this. Maybe they really don’t know?