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Archives / October 2014

  • October 11, 2014 - CompassRose

    Password Change Request

    This is just getting ridiculous now, where the store system requires you to change your password every so often. While it makes sense that it is to keep things secure, it is very inconvenient that it not only asks you to change your password, but it forces you to do it at the store itself. The entire point of the MyTime app [if you can even call it that] is to be able to do this crap at home. So it recognizes you want to change your password, but it decides ‘Nope, won’t go through’ unless you’re at the store’s backroom to do it.

  • September 8, 2014 - CompassRose

    Red card rant.

    Here is somethign I wanna say at t1265 or whatever the levittown target is. There is a very small group of people who actually want red-cards, which makes it virtually impossible for white men to get them.
    Here’s the breakdown for why white men can’t get redcards on register

  • September 6, 2014 - CompassRose

    Meal break shenanigans

    I have been working at the Levittown New York target for about two years now. I generally had no complaints until, and this may seem relatively minor, they started cheating me out of meal breaks.

    They don’t want you working for six hours without a meal break, as such they encourage you to clock out if you are approaching the 6-hour mark. The ETLs try to either get you to take a longer shift or a shorter shift- whatever it takes so that you don’t get a 45 minute break in a 6 hour shift. Is there some unwritten rule I am missing here? If its a matter of keeping working hours between clock in- break and clock out equal, I can do that for you!