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  • I just found out that a dear friend of mine committed suicide last Thursday. He was employed by Target for 11 years, he worked at a Target in Oklahoma. This is a perfect example about how Target doesn’t give a shit about their Team Members and all they care about is their stupid fucking company and they disregard us as human beings. My friends name is: Lee Powell and this is his last post on Facebook:

  • September 20, 2013 - cloudster

    I’m a former T1846 team member

    FOR THE RECORD: this is me, Cloud. Now no one needs to be blamed for stuff being posted on here. I, myself was blamed for posting on this site and yes they were all wrong because like I said: this is really me on this post now. Whoever posted all the other stuff was not me but who cares. The point I’m trying to make with me posting in here with my true identity is simply because I can and it’s really sad that even though this is a public website innocent people get blamed for the posts on here. Like I said I was the first one to get blamed. At first it was kinda funny how quick they are to point fingers and assume who’s doing this.