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  • June 22, 2012 - cashiergirl

    pure unhappiness.

    i don’t even know where to begin…

    i worked as a cashier at super target in kansas city for almost 2 years. everything was great there…rude customers everyday, but other than that i loved my store. THEN i transferred to a target in georgia. and let me tell ya, it’s fucking hell. i came into the store, on my first day of work, and no one was expecting me. when i finally met up with an LOD, they didn’t tell me anything about the store’s routine, rules, nothin. they just threw me on a checklane, and i didn’t even get to meet my gstl’s or anything.

    this store is so fucking unorganized. our breaks are never on time. today, i worked 8am-3pm. well, as most of you know, you MUST take a lunch, before you hit the 6 hour mark. well, they forgot about my lunch. i didn’t get lunch until 1:45. i had to remind them, cuz i didn’t wanna get in trouble, for working 6 hours, and not clocking out.