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  • July 22, 2012 - bucky

    Stupid ETL’s

    I have worked for Target for 8 years now. Overall, I like it there. Our store has a great morale and pretty nice guets. I like the people I work with and get along with the team leads and etl’s 90% of the time. Lately though, the etl’s have started this double talk and circular logic concerning the hours it takes to set a planogram. I set all the revisions in the store and do all the signing. I am also expected to push flow 6 hours a week, on Mon-Wed-Fri.

    Usually, I can get it all done. Say I have 25 hours of revisions, 6 hours of flow, and then signing. Alright, I am rather efficient, I can get it all done. But sometimes, I need some support. Oh no. If there are 55 hours of revisions, too bad. They just want to ignore the problem and hope it sort itself out.