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Archives / July 2012

  • July 19, 2012 - bobatea978

    Constantly being sabotaged and picked on.

    I’ve really had it with this corrupt, bullshitting company. Today I was so angry when I left for the day that I almost started to cry. I’ve been¬† on the Plano team for over a year and I try my hardest at this job. This job is so tedious and time consuming that it gives you a rampant headache and tires you out. My boss has been at me since April early this year when he came back from a family vacation. What bug got up his ass to start picking on me? I don’t know.

    He constantly coaches me on tiny details that I supposedly missed or forgot to do (Forgot to remove ONE small clearance tag on an empty peg or missing a few of those stupid ICC’s that I did pull up BUT a passing customer felt was funny to pull off ). Supposedly “forgetting” to do research on two different pairs of shoes or a piece of electronics when I really did. The reason why the items are missing is because #1 the store has been open for a couple of hours, and #2 guests are shopping and bought the last one on the shelf/peg.

  • November 24, 2011 - bobatea978

    Forced to work on Black Friday

    THANK YOU for making this site!! I’m glad that I have a secret place to vent my anger at the evil red and white bullseye called Target.

    I can’t believe this crap. When I saw my schedule this week it said that I had both Thanksgiving and Friday (Black Friday) off. This made me very happy because I loathe working on Black Friday not because of the deals on electronics (I don’t get paid enough in this crappy company) but because I want to avoid all of the craziness of the crowds and traffic. I’d rather be relaxing at ¬†home after a good Thanksgiving dinner. But all of a sudden on Wednesday when my shift is over I’m told to come in Thanksgiving night to help out with Black Friday no ifs, ands, or buts. This not only ruins my Thanksgiving because all I think about all day is that I have to go back to my shitty job to deal with guests but also I was just watching the PBS News hour about Black Friday sales where some ASM at a different Target was talking about how employees have a “choice” of if they want to work black Friday or not. I was practically yelling at my tv “THATS A LOAD OF BULLSHIT!!!”

    I’m so pissed off now. I’ve been job searching for weeks now not only because of these holidays that I’m forced to work, or dealing with idiot Guests and rude co-workers but because all in all working for Target really sucks. Can’t wait to leave!