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  • February 7, 2015 - blackops007

    The Operater.

    so,  I’ve only been working at my store for about 5 months . When I first got hired,  I loved it, everyone was so nice and sweet and willing to help out, I mean we actually were a team. Now,  all that shit went straight down the fuckin sewer with the rest of their dignity, and common fucking sense. So I’m the operator at my store and it fuckin sucks. First of all who in the hells idea was is to answer the phone “hi,  thanks for calling target, can I help you find something?” that is the dumbest shit EVER.! Second of all, I’m so ready to leap through these fuckin phones and punch every bitch in the face. Ppl are so rude and disrespectful. They don’t understand that as an operator there are many things you can’t do,  such as make ppl move any faster to find their item or just pick up the damn phone. News flash bitch your dumb ass is sitting at home making us look for shit for you. You are not our priority. Now,  in some cases I will help them if it’s pretty busy in the store and they’re nice.  But if you’re rude, I’m straight up hanging up on your ass.! The ppl on the sales floor are pieces of shit anyways because they don’t  do anything and the dumb ass LOD’S wonder why we don’t make sales. But I absolutely hate the fact that ppl call and ask us to put shit on hold for them. Bring your lazy fat asses in the fuckin store you dumb ass, ass hats. This rant is nowhere near over. My fingers hurt.