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  • October 22, 2014 - bethyboo

    Fuck Target

    There’s so many reasons why I have started to hate Target.. They stress you out, work you like a slave, complain about payroll so fucking much that it’s nauseating, have unrealistic expections, make one person preform a 3 person job then preceed to question why it’s not done in their unrealistic timeframe. This is literally the first job where I have cried while at work and where I have gone to work while not feeling well then feel like I should have called out because of how shitty they made me feel. Last week I called out once cause I was sick and sadly still am then Friday I still was feeling shitty but still went in cause I didn’t want to make anyone’s day harder since they’d have to do my workload which is stocking electronics and backstocking which by the way is shit cause flow team at my store make one person stock and backstock but they say two people are doing it yet the other person has to leave at 8 so I call BULLSHIT.