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Archives / August 2012

  • I have worked at target since July 2012 and in that very short time period have grown to truly hate the store that claims they are a great team to work for. I was a typical good employee I always showed up on-time and often before my shift was scheduled to start, I put in just as much work as everyone else, and was always punctual in my appearance for work so I couldn’t understand why the Team Leader, I wont say her real name here but lets call her Jessica, disliked me so much. Over the course of my training I did things just how I was showed by my trainer and then continued that way until I was corrected by Jessica. Now when Jessica would give so called “coaching talks” she was demeaning and condesending toward me and did not speak to me as a valuable team member but rather talked down to me. I was surprised to learn that the way I was doing things was wrong because I was trained to do it this way, when I mentioned this to her she told me that it was my fault that I didn’t know the right way because I signed off on my training papers. This went on a few times and I was constantly being stopped from doing my work by Jessica to have “coaching talks” and they were often about petty little things. She also blamed me for not finishing pushing (stocking) the cart in my isle, but when I would try and finish the cart she would then get mad because I was staying later without being asked to finish it. SO for me it ended up being a lose lose situation and I was having to deal with a boss that constantly harrassed me while I was doing my work and when she would give her “coaching talks” they were put in a very condescending, demeaning, and degrading manner. DO NOT EVER apply to work for the Briton Target in Michigan you will most certainly have to deal with a demening, degrading, condescending control freak like her.