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  • December 3, 2011 - ayra32

    Before Christmas? C’mon.

    So, I began working at the big T about a month ago, as a seasonal employee. I don’t have a car, so I would have to bicycle eight miles there, and eight miles back. Given that it’s about a 40 minute bike to work, to work four hours. I was a little upset. Especially since I was told that I would be getting around 30 hours a week (more like 10-15 hours.) I was hired in at 7.90, and was going to use the money to buy groceries and Christmas presents.
    Well, I fudged on my schedule. It was my fault. I thought I was supposed to work from 11-7:30pm instead of 4-8:30am. I show up at 11, go to punch in. And my manager asks me where I had been all day. Not knowing that I was scheduled for 4 in the morning. He then proceeded to tell me that to be a member of the “Target team” You need dedication.  As if biking 16 fucking miles a day in November isn’t enough dedication to the shit hours you’re giving me? He then proceeded to tell me that, as a seasonal employee. I have lost all chance at becoming a regular Target team member, and that I may possibly be fired the next day. Though he still wanted me to work a four hour shift today. And with any employment, i’d assume it’s a little hard to keep a smile on your face, knowing that the next day, you might not have a job.
    But, I worked anyway. Knowing that now I may not be able to afford the Christmas presents I had told my mother I was going to buy for my brothers/sister (21, I live with a friend/barely ever see my family)
    Seasonal positions only last until the end of December, so why threaten me? I already know I’ll be looking for another job in a few weeks anyway… Well, now I wait to hear what the head master has to say about my pending employment situation.
    In a way, I’m sort of hoping I get fired, because there’s only so much I can stand of their pompous self righteous attitudes. Fuck’ em.